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  • What Are The Different Types Of Captain Jobs? www.wisegeek.com

    Captain jobs might include working on a cargo ship, cruise ship, yacht, ferry, commercial fishing boat, or as a harbor pilot. In each case, the captain takes responsibility for the operation and safety of the vessel while in national or international waters.

  • How To Be A Captain On A Navy Ship work.chron.com

    There are three ways to become the captain of a Navy ship.

  • Want To Be A Captain? www.captainmcd.com

    As to how one advances to become a captain, it is probably the same in most countries. All merchant officers must be licensed to sail on the ships of the country of registry of the ship. There are two areas of competence, one is a deck officer (or Mate) the other in an Engineer.

  • Duties Of A Ship Captain everydaylife.globalpost.com

    Every ship, from small pleasure cruisers to large commercial freighters, operates under the authority of a captain.

  • Cruise Ship Captain www.ipaciapc.ca

    Becoming a cruise ship captain is both very difficult and prestigious. As a cruise ship captain, you will have more responsibilities than any other mariner.

  • A Working Life: The Ship's Captain www.theguardian.com

    Encounters with Somali pirates are all part of the job for Roy Whelan – as are long hours and hectic schedules in port.