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  • Singing Tips

    Here are answers to questions I'm frequently asked about singing, vocal technique and singing lessons.

  • Sophie Bevan's Top 10 Tips For Becoming An Opera Star

    Soprano Sophie Bevan was crowned young singer of the year at the 2013 International Opera Awards, aged 29.

  • Myths And Realities Of Professional Singing

    Gregoy Stapp’s pamphlet, Myths & Realities of Professional Singing, grew out of his frustration that many institutions and individuals exploit and profit from the dreams of young singers without first explaining the limited opportunities for a successful career, or revealing the financial and personal toll that often must be endured in such a pursuit.

  • 6 Steps To Better Backup Singing

    Much is written about the solo singer or lead singer experience, but what about the special requirements of those singers not in the limelight—the lowly but oh-so-important backup singer?

  • Background Singer

    The background singer provides backup to other singers and musicians in recordings, commercial jingles, or live performances. Background singers can be employed, or they may freelance.

  • What Qualifications Must A Singer Have?

    Professional singers need discipline, perseverance, a great deal of practice and many other skills -- in addition to luck -- to succeed.

  • How To Become Successful In The Music Business

    There are three elements that make anything successful – a goal, a plan and a team. The music business is no different.