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  • Skills & Personal Qualities Required To Be A Social Worker everydaylife.globalpost.com

    The role of a social worker varies a bit by setting. Despite the variable roles, some skills and qualities are consistently needed.

  • 10 Things Every New Social Worker Needs To Know About People www.socialworker.com

    This work can be scary, as it is about people’s lives. I am happy to have this opportunity to tell you some things I wish someone had explained to me when I started working as a child protective services worker.

  • A Day In The Life Of A Social Worker www.naswoh.org

    Every social worker is uniquely qualified to help people right in their own environment, by considering the impact of all the different aspects of that person’s life and working to ensure that person’s well-being, prevent crises, and to counsel individuals, families, and communities to get people the help they need from the best resources available.

  • Social Work Profession www.socialworkers.org

    According to the U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), social work is one of the fastest growing careers in the United States. The profession is expected to grow by 25% between 2010 and 2020. More than 650,000 people currently hold social work degrees.

  • What Is A Social Worker? psychology.about.com

    Are you looking for a career that is rewarding yet challenging? Do you want to contribute to society by helping people overcome difficulties and improve their lives?

  • What Social Workers Do www.casw-acts.ca

    Social Workers are usually employed in hospitals, community health centers, mental health clinics, schools, advocacy organizations, government departments, social service agencies, child welfare settings, family service agencies, correctional facilities, social housing organizations, family courts, employee assistance programs and private counselling, school boards, and consultation agencies.