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Life As A Soil Scientist

When most people look at the ground they probably see lifeless brown material that they call dirt.

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My Diverse Life As A Soil Scientist

I consider myself a soil physicist/watershed hydrologist and environmental scientist.

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Opening The Black Box Of Soil Carbon Science: A Day In The Life Of Sindhu Jagadamma

Over the past several years, Sindhu Jagadamma has traveled across the world and through different areas of soil science.

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Why Is Soil Important?

Soil performs many functions which make it a fundamental resource for life. Soil is the biologically active zone where the atmosphere, water, sunlight, and the earth's crust mix and interact, all of which affect the growth and vigour of plants.

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Soil And Plant Scientists In California

Soil and Plant Scientists* work to make sure that the soils in which crops are planted and where people live and work are stable, fertile, and free from pollution.

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Soil And Plant Scientists Overview

A bachelors degree in agricultural science is sufficient for the majority of jobs in product development, while a masters or Ph.D. degree is usually required for research positions.

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