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    Jobs in sports broadcasting are only on the rise. Many networks are now trying to mimic ESPN and want to have multiple sports talk shows.

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    Seeing some teeth on the ice is a common occurrence for a veteran NHL play by play announcer...

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    Pay cut, hectic schedule can make broadcasting career a challenging transition for ex-players, coaches. Many former players, as well as coaches, see broadcasting as a relatively easy second career. To hear those who have done it (and their agents) tell the story, though, it’s anything but.

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    When you live for playing, watching and talking about sports, sports broadcasting may be a natural career choice. Sports broadcasters get to deliver play-by-play and analyze games on the radio, television and the Internet -- a dream job for someone obsessed with sports.

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    If you want to be a sports broadcaster, it helps to have a bachelor's degree. In return, expect to earn an above-average annual salary.

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    Wondering how to become a sports broadcaster? The MLS on NBC’s John Strong has a blueprint for you.

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    The most important ‘Secret' to know about breaking into the sports broadcasting business is ... There are NO "secrets" to learn. There are simply things you don't know - yet.