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  • Freelance Sports Writing

    One of the more convenient and lucrative ways of being a sports writer is to take it up on a freelance basis. There are a number of ways you can obtain such contracts that will not only get your work published but offer you the financial consideration you need to make this a full time profession.

  • Sports Writer Salary

    Most writers decide to become sports journalists not so much because they want to make big bucks but rather because they have a passion for the field and want to earn their living doing something there are passionate about.

  • Best. Job. EVER.: Sports Journalist

    I got my start as a general assignment sports reporter for the New York Daily News, but my interest in the paper’s yet-to-be-burgeoning web site at the time — and the fact that I’m an Internet junkie — inspired me to write a series of memos to the editor in chief with suggestions as to how to bring it into the 21st Century.

  • No Substitute For (Work) Experience has placed a mole inside one of the country’s leading titles to discover what it is really like being a student on work experience on the sports desk of a national newspaper...

  • How Do I Become A Sports Journalist?

    KEITH ELLIOTT, the SJA’s training adviser, on what is really needed to enter the profession... Wish I had a pound for everyone who comes to see me saying: “I’d like a job in sports journalism.” Sadly, their qualifications rarely match their ambitions.

  • Job Profile: Sports Writer

    Sports writers keep fans in touch with their favorite sports and teams. With television providing immediate coverage, in-depth reporting is expected from today's sports writer.