Stone cutters process or shape crude and rough pieces of rocks into desirable shape, sizes and patterns for the purpose of building and creating structures. An occupation that existed since the dawn of civilization, stone masonry was born when people began fashioning homes for themselves built with mud, straw or stone. During the Neolithic Age, people learned how to use fire and subsequently created quicklime, mortars and plasters. By using these to cement stones together, they went on to create buildings, structures and sculptures. Some of these structures are still wholly or partly standing today. It is a fact that stone masonry is as ancient as civilization itself. Throughout the ages, these impressive works of architecture and engineering of the ancient world were heavily dependent upon the work of stone masons. From the Egyptian and Mayan pyramids, to the Persian palaces and Greek temples and down to the Roman Colosseum, the significant contribution of stone masonry to these engineering marvels is plainly evident.

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