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  • With Sour Economy, White-Collar Entrepreneurs Become Street Vendors, Selling Wares In All Weather

    Kevin Rosenberg unfolded a table on the corner of Seventh Avenue and Garfield Place in Park Slope, Brooklyn, covered it with camping gear and raked in $500. For the ex-naval officer and former lawyer, it was the start of his career as a street vendor.

  • Become A Street Vendor And Pick Up Some Extra Cash

    We see and use them in big cities like Toronto, Chicago and New York. Street Vendors take to the streets to get their products to the public. Some vendors are restricted to flea market areas. Others get to set up on a popular corner. Vendors and city regulations differ. This article will give you some helpful suggestions on setting up your own street vending stand.

  • Getting Started In Street Food

    Unlike most other business opportunities, street trading offers the ordinary individual a realistic chance to start their own business for a reasonable investment, very few restrictions, low overheads and little, if any specialist knowledge, skills or experience.

  • The Secret World Of SoHo's Street Vendors

    This week, I spent a day wandering around SoHo with nothing but a pen, notepad, camera and mind full of questions for street vendors.

  • Steps To Open A Street Vendor Business

    Street vendors are the lifeblood of some downtown areas. They attract tourists to the city, promote community harmony and provide a service to customers who enjoy shopping outdoors.

  • Street Vendor

    For every beautiful day when the streets are teeming with people, there are many days of rain or cold when you will be lucky to break even.

  • Becoming A Street Vendor... Where Do I Start?

    You probably have seen or even purchased something from a street vender or peddler at some point – whether on vacation or in your own town. Consider for a moment self-employment and the opportunity to work outdoors with a schedule that is always convenient for you.