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student Reviews

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    13 ratings
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    20 ratings
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Featured Reviews

Renee Masur and this career

I have always loooved going to school. I despised getting sick because I would have to stay home from school. This wasn't my attitude all the time, but really, I loved anything to do with books, paper, and pens.

Jocelyn McLean and this career

I've always loved learning, and I loved treating learning as a full-time job. I didn't love the bureaucracy of university.

Brandon Clark and this career

With a desire to change my career path and start my own business; this has been my best career choice yet.

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Breanna W and this career

I love learning; always have. The only problem is I'm interested in too much. I'm one of those people who could major in ten different things and be perfectly happy with all of them.

Parween Mander and this career

I truly do believe in the value of an education. BUT in today's world having an education is no longer about becoming more informed about the world or yourself but rather a means to a job. And in today's economy, students are struggling once they graduate to find a career they had hoped their degree would get them. Being a student is a time to figure out stuff and I am enjoying that but the journey isn't easy or fun. I'm frustrated.

Wesley Cambron and this career

You learn new things but the pay is only educational.

Zac C and this career

College is college. The rewards are awesome. Currently going for my Masters in Information Assurance and Cybersecurity.

volia yuan and this career


Carol-Ann Krohn and this career

I learned everything that i know from being a student and i enjoyed being a student but now it is time to move ahead and finally get a job.

Justin Silles and this career

I wouldn't call it a career...but I have spent many years and a lot of energy on education. :)

h h and this career

learning, writing, debating, unfolding the world, making sense of the world, growing, winning, excelling

Sam Goldrup and this career

Being a student is great, because you learn all sorts of helpful things for your future. Although, I am excited to find a career where I can leave my work at the office and spend time with my family. I'm tired of dragging it home in a heavy bag.