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  • A Day In The Life Of ... A Consultant Cardiac Surgeon

    Samer Nashef's day starts at 5:30 when he has two black coffees while listening to the radio. He shares how the rest of an average working day plays out for him.

  • A Day In The Life Of A Trauma Surgeon: Douglas Schuerer, MD

    Schuerer’s certainty about his career path is indicative of his demeanor as a trauma surgeon in one of the country’s top academic medical centers. His trauma team describes him as consistent, specific and efficient.

  • A Day In The Life Of A Surgery Resident

    4:45 am My alarm has just gone off which means I’ve got 30 minutes to take a shower, get ready because I’m on the Vascular Surgery service. I do all of that and grab my bag with some reading material for later and head up to the hospital...

  • What Does A General Surgeon Do?

    General surgeons are more common than any other surgical specialty except obstetrics and gynecology. One in five practicing physicians in the United States is a surgeon, and general surgeons are one of the largest surgical specialties.

  • Surgeon Career Profile - Overview Of Surgeons' Careers And Surgery Jobs

    Some surgeons are specialized and fellowship-trained in a particular type of surgery, while other surgeons, called “general surgeons” are broader in scope but do not perform highly specialized types of surgery such as brain or heart surgeries.

  • What Kind Of Surgeon Do I Want To Be?

    There are nine recognised specialties within surgery, each of which will provide you with different challenges and rewards throughout your career...