For people who have watched television shows or movies and thought to themselves, “Why isn’t [so-and-so] playing this role? They’d be great at it!" perhaps selecting the candidates to play parts in high-profile film and television could be the perfect career.

Talent directors in the talent industry are the people who go through the resumes and headshots of prospective actors looking for roles. These professionals are responsible for putting together a good grouping of prospective candidates for these coveted roles, whether in commercials or feature films. The list compiled by this entertainment professional will be the list sent to the director of the show, movie, or concert for them to choose their performers. In layman’s terms, they filter the thousands of applicants down to a handful of talented people who may be right for the job.

These directors may also be called artistic directors or casting directors. Even though the names differ, the jobs are the same and these different names sum up exactly what they will be required to do. Talent and creative directors are in charge of choosing talented candidates for casting in artistic endeavors.

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