What is a Talent Director?

For people who have watched television shows or movies and thought to themselves, “Why isn’t [so-and-so] playing this role? They’d be great at it!" perhaps selecting the candidates to play parts in high-profile film and television could be the perfect career.

Talent directors in the talent industry are the people who go through the resumes and headshots of prospective actors looking for roles. These professionals are responsible for putting together a good grouping of prospective candidates for these coveted roles, whether in commercials or feature films. The list compiled by this entertainment professional will be the list sent to the director of the show, movie, or concert for them to choose their performers. In layman’s terms, they filter the thousands of applicants down to a handful of talented people who may be right for the job.

These directors may also be called artistic directors or casting directors. Even though the names differ, the jobs are the same and these different names sum up exactly what they will be required to do. Talent and creative directors are in charge of choosing talented candidates for casting in artistic endeavors.

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What does a Talent Director do?

For lovers of movies, music, theater, or any other type of performing arts, a career in the entertainment industry may be a dream come true. For those who love all of the above pastimes but have no desire to be in the spotlight, perhaps considering a career as a talent or creative director may be the appropriate way to be involved in the creative process without being on film. Talent directors are the people in charge of finding the right entertainers to appear on stage. Whether they are a director in charge of choosing actors for a television show, music acts for a late night program, or bands to perform at a benefit show, talent directors are necessary. They make sure that the actors, musicians, or other entertainment professionals are the people right for the role.

Apart from viewing headshots and resumes, directors also have to watch clips provided by applicants to see a small piece of their talent. Since talent can’t be based on resumes and looks alone, the clips will give a glimpse of the personality of the applicant. Good choices make the process of selecting the final talent go faster and smoother.

What does it take to be a Talent Director?

If a director is applying to work for a talent agency, they will most often require a prerequisite of a bachelor’s degree in fine arts. Studio art, film, and other visual arts degrees are the best options for a prospective career in the industry. Fine arts degrees provide a thorough background in entertainment history and expectations.

Even with a degree, a talent company seeks people who have real hands-on experience in the industry. Television and radio experience, as well as a background of being on stage, will all work in an applicant’s favor.

Business degrees are another option for those who want to start their own agency. Not only will they have the above experience on stage, television, or on the airwaves, individuals with such qualifications will also possess the skills needed to manage money and to acquire appropriate business startup loans, and the know-how to successfully manage clients and employees will be learned quickly and easily.

Whether a prospective talent or creative director wants to start working under the skill of another talented director or if they wish to take the reigns after finishing school, there are educational paths that can be taken to get one exactly where they want to be in the entertainment industry. Most importantly, as a director involved with creative arts, a candidate should have a wide range of creativity with the ability to think outside the box.

The ideal candidate for the position is the type of person who can command attention from a room and tell a lot about a person just by looking at their picture or by simply watching a short clip of them talking. Talent and creative directors have to be intuitive about personalities and abilities even when only provided with a taste of the skills of an applicant.

What is the workplace of a Talent Director like?

The workplace of a talent or creative director will most likely be filled with talented people with high levels of energy and creativity. They must maintain a positive attitude to get through long days of auditions or of watching clips of talents and applicants who want to be a part of the next big television show or feature film.

The office of a talent director will be a quiet place for reading scripts and meeting with producers and other entertainment professionals. The workplace is also extended outside of the office to theaters for the premieres of movies and shows they have helped to successfully cast.

How much does a Talent Director earn?

The average salary in the entire United States for a talent or casting director is $57,752, but they are paid higher depending on the city of employment. In areas that are more dedicated to film, theater, and television (like New York City and Los Angeles) these directors will make significantly more money annually. The average salary of a director in the talent business in Los Angeles is $63,308. The average salary for someone in this field is $67,308 in New York City.

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