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Lauren Lykke was a Teacher Assistant

I was an assistant program manager for an after school journalism program. I loved working with the teens and feeling responsible for them. I liked feeling like the leader. I didn't like the inconsistency of the job.

Kayla McCormack was a Teacher Assistant

It was fun on some days. I didn't always have a lot to do so I was able to study most the time. I had to run across campus a lot for various tasks and the grading of papers was tedious. I enjoyed learning from my teacher though so it was worth it.

Leslie Velazquez was a Teacher Assistant

I helped the pre-school teacher. I must say that I enjoyed this position much more than teaching English. I enjoyed working with pre-schoolers.

Adrian Schuurmans was a Teacher Assistant

Review your experience with this career. What was it like being a Teacher Assistant? What did you like about it?

Corey Davis was a Teacher Assistant

I have been a lab TA for the past 5 years about to leave grad school with a Masters. The most rewarding experience of my graduate career has been instructing other students. Grading sucks though.

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