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  • Marissa Jo Cerar: Insights From A Newly Minted TV Staff Writer www.leejessup.com

    Readers of my blog first became familiar with Marissa Jo Cerar in January 2013, after her spec screenplay Conversion was named to 2012’s The Black List. Following her placement, Marissa was generous enough to do an interview with me, sharing with my readers the insights, experiences and lessons that had brought her to that moment in her career.

  • Industry Pro: TV Writer/Producer Alicia Kirk yourindustryinsider.com

    Treating your writing career as a small business might be a unique idea, but it has informed profile subject Alicia Kirk’s path in the television world and empowered her in a business where it can seem like, unless you are on top of the heap, you have no power at all.

  • Unscripted Does Not Mean Unwritten www.wga.org

    Call it whatever you want – reality TV, nonfiction programming, docu-soap, docu-style – unscripted television has asserted itself in international media, and until something cheaper and/or more popular comes along, it will continue to expand its presence.

  • What Does A TV Sitcom Writer Do? dailyfig.figment.com

    Writing on a comedic television show seems like an awesome job to have, and for the most part, it is. You get paid to make people laugh!

  • Television Writer filmtvcareers.about.com

    The television writer is the person responsible for creating all plot lines, dialogue, characters and situations. The writer also provides the initial story generation and outlines as well as all script rewrites and polishes.

  • Breaking Into Television Writing www.writersstore.com

    How do I become a television writer if I don't have any contacts?