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Jean-Marc Skopek is a Web Developer

I've never had formal training as a programmer, but I started hacking things together from a very early age. There's something incredibly rewarding about seeing something go from an idea in your head to a real, usable thing. Some of my best weekends ever have been the ones where I was holed up in a dorm room with a stack of red bulls and a hotline to the nearest pizza chain, racing against the clock to prototype some zany idea

Patrick Jordan was a Web Developer

I liked that there were many problems to solve and they needed to be solved in a creative way. Web Programming tends to be less structured than most computer programming and therefor allows for creative freedom.

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Rhys Lewis was a Web Developer

Loved the flexibility in getting to control what projects I accepted, when I worked, and where I worked. The job also offered a good balance of left-brained programming with right-brained creativity/design.

A few considerations for anyone considering the field:
- It can be lonely working solo on projects all the time
- Requires high self-discipline
- Must be good at self-taught learning. Technology evolves so quickly that you must either be able and willing teach yourself the new technologies or else your skills will quickly become dated.

Jorge Valenci is a Web Developer

Me gusta crear posibilidades y comunicar a otros por medio de la web.

Mitch Olson is a Web Developer

Its ok, I dont really like the 9 to 5 bs, but it pays the bills

Mariusz Klimek is a Web Developer

Some time ago, a polish s-f writer created his own webpage and it wasn't so good. So I wanted to help him. I became his webmaster and this motivated me to learn PHP, MySQL, HTML5 and CSS. It's a hobby of mine, not a real job, but this hobby allowed to met new people and learn new skills.

Gavin Massey was a Web Developer

Nothing Quite like it :)

Daniel Guajardo is a Web Developer

I enjoy the challenges of Web development, this business changes every day.

Miguel Aranda is a Web Developer

Python, SQL, JavaScript, CSS3, HTML5, Objective-C and PHP

Desktop, mobile and web applications.

Stephen Belanger is a Web Developer

Building stuff is cool. Especially when other people can use it.

Steph Letterson was a Web Developer

Done some minor stuff in the past. Nothing wrong with doing programming, but I hate when people think Graphic Designers=Web Programmers. These are two skill set that may overlap, but not always.

Adrian Unger is a Web Developer

The flexibility of working through the internet (and making it!) is uncanny. It has allowed me to explore the world, live in nature and do work I care about.

For some damn reason I'm good at it.

Clauz Fang is a Web Developer

fight for better user experience, better performance, better design, better Internet!

Stephanie Daniels is a Web Developer

Too much time at a computer... wah wah.

Joe Anzalone is a Web Developer

I love being a web developer because I get to solve problems by writing code, which is just my favorite thing ever for some reason.

Daniel Fuller was a Web Developer

Web development, especially if you're your own boss, is very flexible. You get to pick your projects, be creative, and serve folks.

Emilie R. was a Web Developer

I went to school for web design and development. I liked it at first but became increasingly frustrated when I realized that all the time I was putting into a website was just to move dots of light on a computer screen.

Javi - is a Web Developer

I'like only think and resolve problems

Pradeep Krishna Rao wants to be a Web Developer

I am having skills and passion for this dream job

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