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Web Developer Reviews

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    28 ratings
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    38 ratings
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    9 ratings
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Featured Reviews

Jean-Marc Skopek and this career

I've never had formal training as a programmer, but I started hacking things together from a very early age. There's something incredibly rewarding about seeing something go from an idea in your head to a real, usable thing. Some of my best weekends ever have been the ones where I was holed up in a dorm room with a stack of red bulls and a hotline to the nearest pizza chain, racing against the clock to prototype some zany idea

Patrick Jordan and this career

I liked that there were many problems to solve and they needed to be solved in a creative way. Web Programming tends to be less structured than most computer programming and therefor allows for creative freedom.

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Rhys Lewis and this career

Loved the flexibility in getting to control what projects I accepted, when I worked, and where I worked. The job also offered a good balance of left-brained programming with right-brained creativity/design.

A few considerations for anyone considering the field:
- It can be lonely working solo on projects all the time
- Requires high self-discipline
- Must be good at self-taught learning. Technology evolves so quickly that you must either be able and willing teach yourself the new technologies or else your skills will quickly become dated.

Jorge Valenci and this career

Me gusta crear posibilidades y comunicar a otros por medio de la web.

Mitch Olson and this career

Its ok, I dont really like the 9 to 5 bs, but it pays the bills

Mariusz Klimek and this career

Some time ago, a polish s-f writer created his own webpage and it wasn't so good. So I wanted to help him. I became his webmaster and this motivated me to learn PHP, MySQL, HTML5 and CSS. It's a hobby of mine, not a real job, but this hobby allowed to met new people and learn new skills.

Gavin Massey and this career

Nothing Quite like it :)

Daniel Guajardo and this career

I enjoy the challenges of Web development, this business changes every day.

Miguel Aranda and this career

Python, SQL, JavaScript, CSS3, HTML5, Objective-C and PHP

Desktop, mobile and web applications.

Stephen Belanger and this career

Building stuff is cool. Especially when other people can use it.

Steph Letterson and this career

Done some minor stuff in the past. Nothing wrong with doing programming, but I hate when people think Graphic Designers=Web Programmers. These are two skill set that may overlap, but not always.

Adrian Unger and this career

The flexibility of working through the internet (and making it!) is uncanny. It has allowed me to explore the world, live in nature and do work I care about.

For some damn reason I'm good at it.

Clauz Fang and this career

fight for better user experience, better performance, better design, better Internet!

Stephanie Daniels and this career

Too much time at a computer... wah wah.

Joe Anzalone and this career

I love being a web developer because I get to solve problems by writing code, which is just my favorite thing ever for some reason.

Daniel Fuller and this career

Web development, especially if you're your own boss, is very flexible. You get to pick your projects, be creative, and serve folks.

Emilie R. and this career

I went to school for web design and development. I liked it at first but became increasingly frustrated when I realized that all the time I was putting into a website was just to move dots of light on a computer screen.

Javi - and this career

I'like only think and resolve problems

Pradeep Krishna Rao and this career

I am having skills and passion for this dream job