A wellhead pumper operates power pumps and other equipment so that gas or oil can flow from the oil well. The job is known by a number of other terms, including operations technician, rig technician, pumper and well tender. Work is performed within a strong safety culture that follows detailed and exact safety regulations. Environmental rules also must be closely followed. The pumper's job involves bringing an oil, gas, or mining product from a well up to the surface by means of pumps and compressors. The pumper starts the compressor engine and opens valves to return compressed gas to the bottom of the well. The pump depressurizes the pipe and forces oil to rise to the surface. The wellhead pumper then must monitor the flow as the product travels to make sure it is moving at the proper rate. Once the pump has brought the product to the surface, the pumper transfers it to storage tanks or trucks that move it offsite. Although the wellhead pumper has long been a traditional part of the oil and gas industry, increased use of automated storage and retrieval systems has increased productivity and lessened the need for wellhead pumpers.

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