I currently have three degrees: a Bachelor in Fine

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I currently have three degrees: a Bachelor in Fine Art, an Associate in Science, and an Associate in Art. Throughout my education I have learned that I LOVE learning and sharing new ideas. I've even taken some philosophy classes, and read many philosophy books that make me that much more interested in learning and sharing my ideas and what I've learned. I have started my own blog on Wordpress as an initial outlet to get some of my ideas out of my head, but, eventually, I would like to write a book that could possibly change lives, or at least be recognized in the field of philosophy. Is there any advice you could give me?

It sounds like you're on exactly the right path, Justin! The biggest piece of advice a professor gave me was "A writer writes." And that can tend to be the hardest part - just sitting down and getting the writing done. So it's awesome that you've already started your own blog.

In terms of getting your name "out there," my advice would be to write for some other more established blogs. They already a subscriber/following and would be great exposure to your name. It would also bring in more traffic to your personal blog and you can build your own following. By the time you write a book, you will already have a huge group of people that want to read anything you write.

Look for blogs that have a similar messaging and audience that you want to connect with.

Personally, I have submitted to write for Elite Daily, Elephant Journal, and Lifehack. But like any true writer, rejection is part of it. So even if I don't hear back, I will keep submitting!

Where's your blog? Would love to check it out!

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