Adrián Ramos

Adrián Ramos was a Doctor

Adriáns rating: A satisfactory 3/5

es interesante pero no me agrada mucho la idea de ser doctor

Adrián Ramos is a mantenimiento en sistemas computaciones

Adriáns rating: A terrific 5/5

me gusta ensamblar y instalar todo el sitema tanto software como hardware

Adrián Ramos is a Graphic Designer

Adriáns rating: A pleasant 4/5

me gusta crear diseños como logos o tarjetas de presentacion

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Designer Persona

Adrián is a Designer

Designers have a great need for self-expression and love doing work that articulates their vision. They like being original in anything they put their minds (or hands) to. Whatever their art form, they like to produce tangible results. They like to work with artistic mediums that play on their physicality. The Designer prefers to be body-oriented in their creative expression.

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