Andy Getsey

Andy Getsey was a VP, account planner, Krupp/Taylor FCB

Andys rating: A pleasant 4/5

My first job out of grad school was with KT. It was a great experience. I started out as an account planner, applying sophisticated data to multi-media campaign strategy. I was promoted to VP after a couple of years and helped run accounts from Home Shopping Network to America West Airlines. Learned a lot, got good advice from mentors like John Stevenson, made a lot of good friends and contacts.

Andy Getsey was a Director, Worldwide Communications, CalComp Lockheed Martin

Andys rating: A pleasant 4/5

My 4 years as head of worldwide communications gave me a good grounding in managing large, global marketing and communications campaigns and staff. And got me into shape for reporting into a large company CEO and executive staff. Was also my first exposure to managing PR; which unknown to me at the time, set me on my path into PR. Made a number of good friends and lasting global contacts.

Andy Getsey was a President, Shafer Advertising & Public Relations

Andys rating: A pleasant 4/5

I was recruited by the ad agency we worked with at CalComp to come over as their president, on the heels of a concerted award winning ad, direct marketing and PR campaign. I started at Shafer just as the NetScape browser came onto the market, opening up the Internet to the masses. I was fortunate enough to catch the Internet wave, worked with a number of major brands and Internet start ups who are now famous, and grew the firm 300%+ over 4 years. My experience there set the foundation for ideas I would later develop into the ComContext analytics platform and the first Internet era agency I co-founded; Atomic. I also developed another set of lasting relationships that continue on today.

Andy Getsey is a Partner, Theorem Ventures

Andys rating: A terrific 5/5

From experiences over the years at Atomic and related agencies I co-founded, I am lucky enough to have been involved from the agency side in hundreds of start up launches, and more than 40 acquisitions and IPOs. We founded Theorem in 2007 after making several successful tech investments - most notably, in the explosive IPO of Then in deep tech company Sigaba, and kid's internet environment Kidzui. We are also among the earliest investors in Sokanu! It's interesting and exciting to be able to meet so many really bright entrepreneurs, and to make seed and angel investments to help some of them bring their vision to life.

Andy Getsey is a Co-founder and CEO, Atomic

Andys rating: A terrific 5/5

Founding Atomic, and developing the ComContext analytics platform, has so far been my peak career experience. I had the idea for the firm while with my then fiance' at a coffee shop in the Haight Ashbury neighborhood of San Francisco in 1999; just after leaving Shafer. I wrote the business plan in less than an hour on 7 Powerpoint charts. The idea was to apply sophisticated BI technology to the research, planning and execution of PR and digital communications campaigns. And to wrap an Internet era PR firm around the platform. The idea and approach turned out to be pretty successful. Over the years since, Atomic has become part of the technology community and culture in the US, and increasingly in Europe and beyond. We've met many of the most innovative technologists and entrepreneurs over the last decade+, and have been involved in a huge number of their launches, mergers, acquisitions and IPOs. I've also been able to manage agency growth from 3 to 130 people, manage several dev cycles of our own technology platform, and work with a string of very intelligent, committed and ecclectic people. Have also managed the business end of having our technology and agencies acquired by a global, public company - and overseeing the integration of our resources and people. It's the most challenging and rewarding experience I've had so far. And there's new things to learn everyday, as the business continues to evolve.

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