Barbara Huntley

Barbara Huntley was a Sales Manager

Barbaras rating: A lowly 2/5

there is no gratitude in retail. you get paid crappy wages and i didn't feel accomplished.

Barbara Huntley is a Resolution Specialist

Barbaras rating: A pleasant 4/5

this job is pretty good. the only complaint i have is that feel like i can't move forward and I've learned all i can learn (except for the occasional updates) and that bores me. I find myself drifting a lot at work and not really thinking about the task at hand. i need something more.

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Strategist Persona

Barbara is a Strategist

Strategists at work enjoy rules and regulations that keep things running smoothly. They like to keep the show running by pursuing organizational goals. They like working with data in their day-to-day. Strategists like to stay calculated in their approach, but they sometimes have a leading spirit that lets them take risks, though they carefully calculate the pros and cons.

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