Bea Banner

Bea Banner is a Graphic Designer

Beas rating: A satisfactory 3/5

I appreciate good design and admire the creative process and those to whom the creative process comes easily. Given my tendency to be obsessive and a perfectionist, I struggled with meeting deadlines and concept development. Despite these weaknesses I am confident in my ability to identify good design, as well as improve upon the solutions of others.

Bea Banner is a Sales Manager

Beas rating: A satisfactory 3/5

Sales and customer service come easily to me because I have the ability to read people. That said, being a retail sales manager is not my ideal job in that it doesn't offer a desirable career path. My favorite aspects of the job are creating relationships with my customers as well as merchandising.

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Philosopher Persona

Bea is a Philosopher

Philosophers love being creative with their ideas. They have active imaginations and love exploring anomalies and sometimes scientific curiosities in the physical world. Philosophers like unstructured situations that provide them with room to get creative in their work. They like to interpret the world around them and thrive when they are able to express their findings.

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