Bekhi Spika

Bekhi Spika was a Columnist

Bekhis rating: A terrific 5/5

I enjoyed delving into new controversial topics on a regular basis. I loved the independence of the job and how I could set my own hours. I liked the public presence. I enjoyed feedback, even criticism. I liked making people think.

Bekhi Spika was a Radio News Director

Bekhis rating: A terrific 5/5

The atmosphere was very fast-paced and fun. Radio people are very chill. I enjoyed producing a weekly show — it was self-contained, involved lots of people, and resulted in a product at the end of it. I love creating things.

Bekhi Spika is a Receptionist

Bekhis rating: A lowly 2/5

I enjoy working with all types of people, but I do not enjoy being the face of customer service all the time. It's difficult to be productive when you have to keep taking on new tasks from tenants or potential tenants. Also, the disconnect between corporate and the local property management company I work at is ridiculous. Not worth the stress.

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Architect Persona

Bekhi is an Architect

Architects are analytical thinkers who like to work in the physical world. Their diverse nature translates in their ability to think intellectually and apply what they know with physical work, like working with their hands. They are curious about the physical world and why and how it works. They enjoy intellectual challenges that are unconventional and like solving complex problems.

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