Bo Dean Christie

My Story

Currently training as a Landscaper.
I work for a pretty big company who mostly do corporate and commercial landscaping jobs, some residential, but not a lot.
I love my work and it has taken me a long time to find this perfect fit!, i get to work out side in the sun and the rain, i get make really great stuff and it keeps me strong.

I hope to travel to the U.S.A and Australia to work, explore and make money. i think Landscaping is a very portable job.

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Bo Dean is a Caregiver

Caregivers are natural generators for positive energy. They thrive in social settings, especially when cultivating creativity. Expression and originality are important to the Caregiver—they are fascinated with the designs of life and love to share their findings with other people. Their attention is captivated by the oddities around them. The Caregiver's empathetic and sensitive nature makes them natural people-persons.

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