Casey Plant

Casey Plant was an Advertising Manager

Caseys rating: A satisfactory 3/5

Advertising is a fast paced environment with lots of moving deadlines. The work can be monotonous, but it can also be creative and thrilling.

Casey Plant is a Graphic Designer

Caseys rating: A terrific 5/5

The best part of my job was being creative every day; using Photoshop to create ads and signage layouts and taking photos for our database.

Casey Plant is a Marketing Manager

Caseys rating: A pleasant 4/5

My main points of action in this career are to manage social media accounts, plan and advertise upcoming events, and shoot & edit videos for our You Tube account. This is the only career where everyone wants to be viral.

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Luminary Persona

Casey is a Luminary

Luminaries thrive when they are working with ideas and people. They like expressing their creativity to others. Being part of meaningful relationships where they can express their emotions and sensitivities is very important to the Luminary. They greatly value helping people through their creative outlets.

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