Dawn David

Dawn David is a Teller

Dawns rating: A disappointing 1/5

I enjoy my customers immensely. I don't mind the work that I do at all. I dislike the frequent rule changing, and the sales aspect that has become the norm at most if not all banks, is the bane of my existence. It doesn't help that management is awful at my particular branch and that the year and half I've been employed there makes me the longest employed teller outside of management at this location. I've had enough, and I want out.

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Dawn is an Anchor

Anchors have an affinity for detail-oriented tasks that provide a lot of structure. Despite this typically antisocial activity, the Anchor is nurturing and caring. They enjoy being around other people where they they can help or teach. Anchors are efficient and methodical. They prefer work that is structured and they dislike ambiguity.

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