Deppy Thompson

Deppy Thompson was a Choreographer

Deppys rating: A pleasant 4/5

I was a ballet/tap teacher for a small part of my life and choreographed routines for competition and recitals. I remember my first attempt as a choreographer was for our high school play, 'The Wizard Of Oz". We found a classroom full of grade 2 students that would be our 'munchkins', and they performed a couple of dance routines in the play. So much fun!

Deppy Thompson was a Nail Technician

Deppys rating: A pleasant 4/5

Great making people feel good about their appearance, and if you're particular and care about what you're doing, people really appreciate it and will come back and tell all their friends about you!

Deppy Thompson was a Music Teacher

Deppys rating: A pleasant 4/5

It is extremely satisfying as a teacher when you have a student that excels and is enthusiastic to learn. On the other hand, it is disappointing when a student has the talent, but doesn't have the passion to go with it.

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