Ekaterina Serebrennikova

Ekaterina Serebrennikova is an Accountant

Ekaterinas rating: A satisfactory 3/5

Thats mechanical, boring non inspiring type of work.
It's good to understand how money flow.

Ekaterina Serebrennikova is a Financial Clerk

Ekaterinas rating: A satisfactory 3/5

The best part of this work was ability to connect with amazing people, but not the work itself.

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Advocate Persona

Ekaterina is an Advocate

The Advocate is a people-person that is both helpful and inquisitive. Advocates like to spend time mulling over ideas but also make nurturing relationships one of their top priorities. They have a knack for uncovering facts and conducting research, and while for some this means working solo, the Advocate likes fostering a sense of community.

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