finale lynn

finale lynn was a Costume Attendant

finales rating: A lowly 2/5

working long hours standing and smiling is really exhausting. poor salary made me hopeless.

finale lynn is an Accountant

finales rating: A satisfactory 3/5

the environment is really pleasing, but i feel i talk less than i usd to do. also i want to step out to know new people and have broad horizons, but my work makes me stick to the desk.

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finale is an Enthusiast

Enthusiasts are lovers of ideas. They spend a lot of time in their minds, exploring ideas, establishing theories, and trying to strange anomalies. Usually they like exploring scientific ideas and coming up with their own methodologies. They prefer to work alone as that’s when they get their best thinking done. Expression is important to the Enthusiast, though they like to organize their thoughts thoroughly before sharing them.

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