Georgette McAllister

Georgette McAllister was a Chief Operations Officer/chief Financial Officer

Georgettes rating: A terrific 5/5

As a Business Anaylst, I was intrigued about healthcare and the rising costs of care. I performed a billing/financial computer installation for a healthcare client that was seeking someone with my anaylatical and accounting skills to become cFO. After years of service, I became CFO/COO.

Georgette McAllister was an Accountant

Georgettes rating: A pleasant 4/5

After graduating from Howard University with a BBA in accounting, I began working for a partner at an accounting firm as his assistant while he was Tresurer of a mayorial campaign. Once the campaign was over, I join the firm as an Accountantperforming compliations and audits for various non for profit clients.

Georgette McAllister was a Business Analyst

Georgettes rating: A pleasant 4/5

I enjoyed working with companies to provide fiancial projections and forecasts. In addition, I enjoyed working with clients in IT areas, selection of Software/hardware and implementation.

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Groundbreaker Persona

Georgette is a Groundbreaker

Groundbreakers have a diverse nature that allows them to spend time mulling over theories as well as expressing ideas. They can usually persuade other people to see their ways of thinking. They love investigating and synthesizing abstractions and are very self-confident. Once a Groundbreaker has finished conceiving an idea or developing a theory, they are able to verbally express their thoughts to others with conviction.

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