Greg Arrese

Greg Arrese was an Investment Banker

Gregs rating: A satisfactory 3/5

I worked as an analyst working 70+ hours a week with really smart colleagues at broadview associaties in the early 1990's advising technology companies in mergers and acquisitions. I learned a lot about corporate strategy, valuing companies and technology trends (yahoo was just getting off the ground and the internet was a "new phenomenon"). the job was at times stressful and demanding but I think it was a great place to start my career in finance.

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Greg is a Humanitarian

Humanitarians are leaders of people. They thrive in environments where they are able to interact with others. They naturally persuade and support people in many situations. They are energetic, confident and drawn to social causes. Their entrepreneurial spirit makes them masters of rounding people together for a good cause. They are driven to lead and care a lot about the people around them.

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