Gregory Grzegorzyk

Gregory Grzegorzyk was a Cryptologic Lingust

Gregorys rating: A pleasant 4/5

Language school in Monterey was challenging and fun, as was cryptology training. Russian required two to three hours of homework each night and six hours of daily classes in the Cyrillic printed and cursive alphabet, memorizing extensive vocabulary lists, mastering the rules of grammar and rehearsing the next day’s dialogue. The professors and friends I met were very interesting. In this line of work, your vigilance and skills may mean life or death for many people. Oftentimes the work can be mundane but can become intensely engaging in a moment’s notice. Those hours of routine can be devoted to sharpening your language and technical skills and preparing for advancement.

Gregory Grzegorzyk is an Entrepreneur

Gregorys rating: A pleasant 4/5

I'm in the process of launching and enjoy the level of autonomy and creativity involved. There are many components required, starting with performing a market opportunity assessment that justifies further investment in time, effort, and money. I built an elaborate market test that included a needs assessment on LinkedIn for specific target groups. Some of the other important elements include the website, advertising tests, prospect lists, telesales script, and of course the product and service development effort. It’s not without some risk, but that can be mitigated. You can reduce and share the risk of starting your own business by building a team and attracting seed or angel investors. Risk aside, everyone on your team should be willing to invest the necessary effort and passion to maximize your chances of success!

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