Ignasi Pérez Arnal

Ignasi Pérez Arnal was an Editor

Ignasis rating: A pleasant 4/5

To get the best articles, the best personal and technical positions about one topic, to classify them, to search and to research, and finally to get a result: one book.

Ignasi Pérez Arnal was a Professor

Ignasis rating: A pleasant 4/5

You try to transfer all books you've read and all experiences you've had to students that are open for a new pathway in their lifes.

Ignasi Pérez Arnal was an Architect

Ignasis rating: A pleasant 4/5

An architect does projects. This word, pro-jects, means how you push things to the future.
An architect needs creativity. This word,creativity, is about capacity to do alternative things, but also depens on your unique universe.

Ignasi Pérez Arnal is an Entrepreneur

Ignasis rating: A terrific 5/5

It´s about not waiting to somebody's offer, it's about how you can be useful for society offering the best of your qualities. No matter the sector, only what you want to do, what you know to do.

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Ignasi is an Enthusiast

Enthusiasts are lovers of ideas. They spend a lot of time in their minds, exploring ideas, establishing theories, and trying to strange anomalies. Usually they like exploring scientific ideas and coming up with their own methodologies. They prefer to work alone as that’s when they get their best thinking done. Expression is important to the Enthusiast, though they like to organize their thoughts thoroughly before sharing them.

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