J Faulkner

J Faulkner was a Dancer

Js rating: A terrific 5/5

One of the best things I've ever done - but the body can't do it forever.

J Faulkner is a Non-profit Executive

Js rating: A pleasant 4/5

I love working in and supporting the Arts. The continuous dearth of appropriate resources can be quite wearing. I enjoy most aspects of this field, with the exception of private sector fundraising (as opposed to government sector).

J Faulkner is an Arts Executive

Js rating: A pleasant 4/5

It can be very fulfilling, but is very difficult over time due to the constant scarcity of appropriate resources in the sector.

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J is a Producer

Producers like activities that require attention to detail. They like structure, though on some occasions, they like to find ways to express their creativity. These individuals like working in solitude where they can perfect their craft. The Producer prefers to work with data, but can also work with ideas when the right opportunity presents itself.

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