Jamie O'Brien

Jamie O'Brien was a Human Resources Coordinator

Jamies rating: A pleasant 4/5

HR offers the opportunity to work with people in a business environment while keeping the best interests of the companies in mind. As an HR coordinator, each day was different. The responsibilties of the position can vary from time to time. One minute you can be recruiting, another you're dealing with employee relations or answering questions about payroll and benefits. I enjoy the variety that the position offers and it gives you an opportunity to find your niche in the field.

As a "helper" I enjoy how HR lets you work with people in a corporate environment, without getting too involved in your coworkers personal lives. In social work, it can get messy. HR offers a balance for the helper who is business-minded. The pay also tends to better.

Jamie O'Brien was a Receptionist

Jamies rating: A satisfactory 3/5

As an introvert with extroverted tendencies, I enjoyed how working at the front desk at a private company offered the opportunity to work alone for most of the time but still allowed for interaction with clients and coworkers.

Depending on the company, the responsibilities of the receptionist can vary. But generally the main responsibility is to answer telephones and greet clients. Often, you are the representative and have the responsibility of establishing the first impression for the organization.

I held two receptionist positions in my career. At one, I provided administrative support for multiple managers and had lots to do. At another, my only responsibility was to answer the phone and take care of courier packages. I found myself constantly asking for more work and it was boring at times.

But if you're a person who enjoys interacting with new people, this is a great stepping stone for establishing a career!

Jamie O'Brien was a Training and Development Coordinator

Jamies rating: A pleasant 4/5

I liked how this position offered a lot of planning, organization and attention to detail. It

Jamie O'Brien was a Social Worker

Jamies rating: A pleasant 4/5

There are few things more rewarding than knowing you have helped somebody achieve their goals and work towards living a better life.
Social work is so multi-faceted that you can work in many areas of the field and find a niche for you.

The position is very stressful and tends to be low paying, since Social Work is a non profit industry. You have to be passionate about what you do, since that will be what gets you through the day.

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