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I'm a software developer, tinkerer, and mountain lover.

I'm fascinated by the positive impact that technology can have on the world. Prior to joining Sokanu, I spent years exploring how technology could spread education and make it more engaging. In many ways, Sokanu feels like the next chapter; the idea that we can guide people into pursuing their passions is something I'm excited to tackle.

Jean-Marc Skopek was an Entrepreneur

Jean-Marcs rating: A terrific 5/5

I started a business in my final year of university. It was incredibly hard work, and I made more mistakes than I can count, but I have really fond memories of the experience.

A lot of the lessons I learned have carried with me, and experiencing failure (the company folded after a year and a half) taught me to not be afraid of it. Your early years are an ideal time for experimenting with this - the penalty for failure is so much lower.

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