Jezabel Rodríguez

Jezabel Rodríguez was an Administrative Assistant

Jezabels rating: A satisfactory 3/5

confortable but repetitive. I liked the data analisys and organization.

Jezabel Rodríguez was a waitress

Jezabels rating: A satisfactory 3/5

It was funny but tired. I liked metting new people and working in a team.

Jezabel Rodríguez is a Translator

Jezabels rating: A pleasant 4/5

It's interesting and challenging. I like knowing or learning about things I have never heard before and and help people to communicate their interest or studies to those who speak a different language.

Jezabel Rodríguez is a Personal Care Aide

Jezabels rating: A pleasant 4/5

It's a little bit hard but gives a great emotional and human reward. I like because I feel my innerself growing everyday.

Jezabel Rodríguez is a shop attendant

Jezabels rating: A pleasant 4/5

It's funny because you interact with a lot of different people.
I liked because I meet different people.

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Philosopher Persona

Jezabel is a Philosopher

Philosophers love being creative with their ideas. They have active imaginations and love exploring anomalies and sometimes scientific curiosities in the physical world. Philosophers like unstructured situations that provide them with room to get creative in their work. They like to interpret the world around them and thrive when they are able to express their findings.

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