Jillian Beane

Jillian Beane was an Administrative Assistant

Jillians rating: A lowly 2/5

I have only been an administrative assistant in higher education settings. I enjoyed the pay and the increase in responsibility. However, when I wanted to learn or do more, I couldn't because being an administrative assistant became a restrictive box. I couldn't learn how to do payroll or budgeting because HR says I need to be on the management level. I couldn't join interdepartmental planning groups because part of being an administrative assistant meant manning the front desk. While all of my direct supervisors relied on me heavily because I was quick, reliable, and had no problem with doing what needed to be done to get a project completed, in the long run, the boredom made me visibly sad. For me, the downside of working in higher education is the end of each semester. I lose student interactive and my amount of work dwindles to nothing. I don't like being idle or bored.

Jillian Beane was a Receptionist

Jillians rating: A pleasant 4/5

I, alone, was the defensive line for my office. I saw and spoke with people all day. I diffused situations, gave directors a heads up about things I overheard in the lobby, and helped clients put their best foot forward. I thoroughly enjoyed all of the interaction. The only downside was when there were no people to see or talk to.

Jillian Beane was a Customer Service Representative

Jillians rating: A lowly 2/5

I worked in a call center. I liked the part where I resolved a customer's problem. I didn't like the internal politics or the nonsense I had to peddle to customers. I didn't like having to get off the phone because the clock was ticking, even when a supervisor knew the issue wasn't resolved. I didn't like that the only time I could talk to my co-workers was before or after work and during lunch.

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