Jonathan Purvis

Jonathan Purvis was a Delivery Service Driver

Jonathans rating: A pleasant 4/5

The fact that I would spend the majority of my working hours on the road, away from the institution in which I labored, and the accompanying autonomy, was what I appreciated most.
When I would have to do work inside the institution, it was easy to find a productive routine that would render me (mostly) invisible from management until my opinion on the logistics of the deliveries in queue. This was more of an appreciated convenience.
As a result, the occupation was rather enjoyable. I could follow established routes if efficiency was desired, or if I was in a contemplative mood without too many deliveries I could opt for the scenic route. I could also listen to my music as loud as I felt necessary.
However, my thoughts have a tendency to wander so I normally lack awareness of the exact speed I was driving. Since I naturally feel comfortable at approximately ten mph over the speed limit on a given road, that is where my autopilot took me. After about five years within the occupation, my driver's license was suspended due to habitual violations of the traffic code.
The occupation is great for any who find driving to be a relaxing activity and for those who value autonomy in the workplace. However the work itself is not intellectually stimulating. Those who crave intellectual stimulation in their work may find themselves creating all kinds of meaningless games or experiments while working unless the employer provides problem solving opportunities to engage the worker that do not conflict with the potential values of said worker.

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