Jonathan T

Jonathan T was a Project Manager

Jonathans rating: A satisfactory 3/5

Somewhat enjoyable, but heavily reliant on the company you are employed by having good processes in place, training on offer, and a committed team.

Required good time-keeping and organisational skills, as well as good communication skills for communicating with clients.

The hours are usually 9-5, but overtime required when necessary. Travel a distinct possibility.

Jonathan T was a Computer Programmer

Jonathans rating: A satisfactory 3/5

A good career for someone with the right personality. Unfortunately, I couldn't stand being sat at a cubicle day-in, day-out.

Requires excellent (and I mean, excellent) problem solving skills, a keen interest in programming (obviously) and the ability to think outside the box.

It's a fairly solitary job, as fellow programmers tend to work with headphones on to avoid distraction. It often involves dealing with non-technical-minded individuals, so it is necessary to be able to translate ideas into non-techy speak and vica-versa.

It can be infuriating working with managers/stakeholders with unrealistic expectations, or those who don't have a precise set of detailed requirements.

Jonathan T is an Animal Caretaker

Jonathans rating: A pleasant 4/5

I work at a veterinary center which offers both cat and dog boarding facilities. It requires a lot of commitment, responsibility, flexibility and the ability to work outdoors year-round in all weather.

Not only will you be looking after healthy animals you may also be required to give medication to ill animals (when necessary), as well as bath and groom animals. Walking dogs requires a lot of physical activity during the day, as you can easily walk 20+ miles per day. As such, a strong back is a necessity for such walking (especially big dogs who pull), as well as lifting bags of dog food and the dogs themselves.

You will encounter dogs and cats you may not get on with (e.g. disobedient/loud dogs and/or aggressive cats), but you need to be able to put these grievances to once side and give all animals the same quality of care ignoring any personal bias.

In short, you will be on your feet all day, every day. As Leah mentioned in her review - if you like animals, it can feel like you are being paid to play all day. Unfortunately, unless you own your own pet-sitting/boarding business the salary for animal car assistants is not great in the UK.

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Researcher Persona

Jonathan is a Researcher

Researchers are curious people with a knack for organization. They love gathering data and then making sense of it. Accuracy is very important to the Researcher. They prefer working with ideas and data, rather than people. Rules and regulations are important to the Researcher when they begin their work.

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