Jorah Lavin

Jorah Lavin was a Roofer

Jorahs rating: A satisfactory 3/5

When the weather was good in the spring and fall, this could be a good job. In the rain, snow, or middle of summer... not so much. The danger and collapse of the building trades in the early 90s finally got me away from this job.

Jorah Lavin was an Egg picker/packer

Jorahs rating: A lowly 2/5

I worked weekends for about two years in an organic egg-laying operation. Very dirty environment, early start time, and hard on someone who has sympathy for the chickens. I did get some decent eggs when I worked there, though!

Jorah Lavin was an Event setup worker

Jorahs rating: A satisfactory 3/5

I worked this job as a part-time worker for a couple of years. It involved loading supplies and equipment from a warehouse into a large truck, driving the truck to the hotel where the event was held, setting up the event, hanging around until the event ended, then "striking" or taking down the equipment and reloading it on the truck for the return trip to the warehouse. We would often start in mid-day and wrap up around 3 or 4 the following morning. Very "nomadic" in feel... often I wouldn't know about a job until a day or two before hand, so having a flexible schedule is important. I was good at carrying heavy things, good with ladders and tools, and so I kept getting called back until I landed a full-time job.

Jorah Lavin was a Stock control clerk

Jorahs rating: A satisfactory 3/5

When I got out of high school I went into the Navy and ended up being a storekeeper. The Navy has to supply everything from tools to bedding to spare parts to toilet paper to all of their sailors, so it turns out that they employ many people to manage the logistics. I wasn't a good fit with the Navy at that time, but I did learn a lot about how to store things so that they could be inventoried and then found when needed.

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