Juan Manuel Rincón Rodríguez

Juan Manuel Rincón Rodríguez was a Veterinarian

Juan Manuels rating: A pleasant 4/5

I've been around animals since I was born. Family is involved in Vetrinary work and farming. It's great to help those that can't say where it hurts. Exciting. A bit Dangerous sometimes(bites, kicks etc.). Have to be very updated. You can be indoors and outdoors.

Juan Manuel Rincón Rodríguez is a Dairy Farmer

Juan Manuels rating: A pleasant 4/5

I enjoy living in green clean places not so far, not to close to big cities. I like to have dogs, cats, cows and horses. Sometimes gets mudy,wet and smelly. Outside most of the time. Close management is a must. You can't manipulate at will milk productión, genetics, fooder production or climate. Industry sets your Product price, expenses are high. You might have to work 24-7

Juan Manuel Rincón Rodríguez is a Nutritional replacement Independent Distribuitor

Juan Manuels rating: A pleasant 4/5

I encountered this serching nutritional alternitves to inprove a family members health. I ended up improving everyones health. Finally I ended up ofering and selling the products. Who does'nt want to feel and look great? This has changed my life but speccially gives me permanent Personal improvement, Help others, make extra money, low investment, part time, travel, meet people. It's great !

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Juan Manuel is a Strategist

Strategists at work enjoy rules and regulations that keep things running smoothly. They like to keep the show running by pursuing organizational goals. They like working with data in their day-to-day. Strategists like to stay calculated in their approach, but have a leading spirit that lets them take risks after they've weighed the pros and cons.

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