Karen Arrese

Karen Arrese was a Money Manager

Karens rating: A pleasant 4/5

Working as a money manager encompasses many capacities from research and analysis to risk management to marketing. Asset managers monitor news on their investments and potential investments and must be ready to react and adjust their portfolio. Thus, asset managers must be decisive and confident with risk-taking. Asset managers often have analysts to assist them, but must have the ability to synthesize information from various sources and draw conclusions. Money managers rely on economic theory as well as probability and math in their decision making on a daily basis. Managers should also be able to clearly articulate their views to colleagues and clients (investors) and potential clients. I enjoyed all facets of the investments process. My education prepared me well to perform many of the expected tasks. However, the level of stress in dealing with time-sensitive information was uncomfortable for me. Managers can be required to take large amounts of risk in short periods of time. As a money manager, your portfolio performance is calculated constantly and one must be comfortable with such evaluations.

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