Kevin Swan

Kevin Swan was a Beekeeper

Kevins rating: A pleasant 4/5

I loved how everyday you are satisfied with a hard day's work. It is very physically demanding and intense during certain parts of the season. Probably one of the most interesting jobs out there. Bees are amazing creatures!

Kevin Swan is a Venture Capitalist

Kevins rating: A terrific 5/5

You get to spend your days with amazing entrepreneurs and work with them in changing the world. Startups don't play by the rules and, by default, will fail. The challenge of this is addicting. Over half your time will be spent learning as the technology world innovates at an incredible pace.

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Groundbreaker Persona

Kevin is a Groundbreaker

Groundbreakers have a diverse nature that allows them to spend time mulling over theories as well as expressing ideas. They can usually persuade other people to see their ways of thinking. They love investigating and synthesizing abstractions and are quite self-confident. Once a Groundbreaker has finished conceiving an idea or developing a theory, they are able to verbally express their thoughts to others with conviction.

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