Lauren Lykke

Lauren Lykke was an Editor

Laurens rating: A satisfactory 3/5

I liked the responsibility of the job, and the low stress. I didn't like how bored I would get, and how repetitive it was.

Lauren Lykke was a Teacher Assistant

Laurens rating: A pleasant 4/5

I was an assistant program manager for an after school journalism program. I loved working with the teens and feeling responsible for them. I liked feeling like the leader. I didn't like the inconsistency of the job.

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Philosopher Persona

Lauren is a Philosopher

Philosophers love being creative with their ideas. They have active imaginations and love exploring anomalies and sometimes scientific curiosities in the physical world. Philosophers like unstructured situations that provide them with room to get creative in their work. They like to interpret the world around them and thrive when they are able to express their findings.

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