Lena Kinder

Lena Kinder is an Animal Caretaker

Lenas rating: A terrific 5/5

Being and Animal Caretaker I care for mostly dogs and cats. I work in a kennel with seven large dogs. I clean their kennels, feed them, let them run around the property, brush them, and just spend personal time with them about two to three times a day. With cats I feed them, clean their liter, and spend a lot of time with them through out the day. It's really important to be compassionate and patient with caring for animals so if you love animals then this job can be just a lot of fun and very enjoyable.

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Lena is a Researcher

Researchers are curious people with a knack for organization. They love gathering data and then making sense of it. Accuracy is very important to the Researcher. They prefer working with ideas and data, rather than people. Rules and regulations are important to the Researcher when they begin their work.

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