Luann Suhr

Luann Suhr was a Flight Attendant

Luanns rating: A terrific 5/5

It was fun, sometimes tiring. Schedules changed constantly -- planes broke -- report times changed -- sleep was never a constant -- you could be on call ("reserve"). You are likely to be overworked b/c a flight attendants rest time doesn't matter as much as a pilots (though legally it is important). Good to see a lot of new places and be exposed to new cultures at destinations. If you don't like someone, you're stuck with them the whole flight. You cannot get away from problem people. You're constantly on the go and doing things to help people and for their safety but most people think of you as just a waitress in the air who happens to be their servant for the amount of time they are on the plane. That being said, despite some negatives, I LOVED this job. <3

Luann Suhr was a Paramedic

Luanns rating: A terrific 5/5

I was a volunteer EMT-B. I learned so much. It was exciting to not know when a call would come or what it would be for but to know that you were prepared and you had that knowledge to help someone. I hate monotony and routine so this job was awesome. Every day you learn something new and you see so much more. You become much more aware of your surroundings.

Luann Suhr was an Ambulance Dispatcher

Luanns rating: A terrific 5/5

I did this as a volunteer through a local ambulance corps. It's very interesting and rewarding to know that you are helping someone in need. Keeping records of where your crew is going is also very important and interesting as well.

Luann Suhr was a Housekeeping Cleaner

Luanns rating: A terrific 5/5

This was actually one of my favorite jobs though it was strictly transitional for me while I looked for another job. You clean, you do laundry, you fold. Very simple job, you don't need to think about it at all. At my place of employment I did everything myself so I could put my headphones on and rock out and just clean and get paid for it. It was also very interesting to see some of the aftermath of hotel rooms -- especially if they are a little shady and motel like. <3 I worked at two places -- one I worked by myself, all one floor, I had a mop -- awesome ($5/hour in 2006). At the other job, I worked with others -- I had to carry vacuums and things up and down the stairs and I was not given a mop, just a spray bottle and a rag to clean the floor. Eh. All for only a dollar more an hour.

Luann Suhr was a Construction Worker

Luanns rating: A terrific 5/5

I worked doing set construction for a college theater. We built platforms, put up walls, painted, hung doors, stripped wires, changed plugs, did lighting, put down flooring, etc. It was awesome and a great learning experience.

Luann Suhr was a Baker

Luanns rating: A satisfactory 3/5

I worked as a "baker" in the supermarket making breads, donuts, pies, doing cake writing, etc. Pay is a little more than minimum wage. It's an okay job, not super exciting, but it's okay.

Luann Suhr was a Home Health Aide

Luanns rating: A lowly 2/5

Pay can be as low as minimum wage. Not as respected as people in hospital though you do more as a HHA than as a CNA and spend more time with patients than a CNA. Sometimes patients think of you as their slave, sometimes they value you. You cook, clean, take them to the doctor, take care of their medical needs in the house, and keep them company.

Luann Suhr was a Culinary Chef

Luanns rating: A pleasant 4/5

It was fun but underpaid. Experience is valued over education. You have the opportunity to rise a lot in this career.

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Luann is a Luminary

Luminaries thrive when they are working with ideas and people. They like expressing their creativity to others. Being part of meaningful relationships where they can express their emotions and sensitivities is very important to the Luminary. They greatly value helping people through their creative outlets.

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