Mariusz Klimek

Mariusz Klimek is a Computer Programmer

Mariuszs rating: A terrific 5/5

I had a computer since I was six, so I learned programming very early. When I wanted to choose a university I applied for English and IT. And landed in IT. After completing university I was working in mobile phone games post production, developing a weather information parsing system, developing system for IPTV and other. I want to get better, since I get very passionate about that. I would like to become a game developer and make video games. Maybe along with writing the story :-)

Mariusz Klimek is a Web Developer

Mariuszs rating: A terrific 5/5

Some time ago, a polish s-f writer created his own webpage and it wasn't so good. So I wanted to help him. I became his webmaster and this motivated me to learn PHP, MySQL, HTML5 and CSS. It's a hobby of mine, not a real job, but this hobby allowed to met new people and learn new skills.

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