Marla Johnson

Marla Johnson is a Customer Service Representative

Marlas rating: A disappointing 1/5

I am only in this job because it helps pay my bills and requires as much away time from direct face to face contact with humans. I would not recommend this type of job to artistic or creative types as it can really drain you emotionally as well as physically leaving you with zero creative juice. After 7 years of learning skills that I could have learned if I majored in Business, I will be refocusing on what is important - getting back on track to be in a creative role.

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Researcher Persona

Marla is a Researcher

Researchers are curious people with a knack for organization. They love gathering data and then making sense of it. Accuracy is very important to the Researcher. They prefer working with ideas and data, rather than people. Rules and regulations are important to the Researcher when they begin their work.

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