Michelle Clark

Michelle Clark was an Emergency Dispatcher

Michelles rating: A terrific 5/5

I loved the fast pace, making quick decisions and judgements, and knowing that I helped someone every day.

Michelle Clark was a Receptionist

Michelles rating: A pleasant 4/5

I loved being a receptionist, but found that from time to time, dealing with Customers was a bit of a downside. I worked at an Answering Service, as a virtual receptionist for hundreds of companies, and as an emergency dispatcher as well (same job). I strongly preferred the emergency calls to the everyday messages, because I felt like I was doing something worthwhile, instead of just passing information.

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Michelle is a Scholar

Scholars are intellectuals that pay attention to fine details. They spend a lot of time in their mind investigating and exploring new ideas. They usually like to pair their findings with data that can back it up. Scholars are very orderly in their thought processes. They usually prefer structure in their ideas and thoughts over ambiguity.

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