Nick Young

Nick Young was a Language Teacher

Nicks rating: A satisfactory 3/5

I really liked working with kids on an everyday basis. When they showed improvement, and had fun learning, I felt as if their successes were also my own.

Nick Young is a NGO Director

Nicks rating: A pleasant 4/5

Working in non-profit is stressful, but rewarding. You are challenged to be entrepreneurial but towards a cause that you believe in. Quite often NGOs can accomplish work that governments are unable to accomplish because of political stalemate. Because of this, you can be at the top of something incredibly influential even if it is not driven by the pursuit of profit.

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Advocate Persona

Nick is an Advocate

The Advocate is a people-person that is both helpful and inquisitive. Advocates like to spend time mulling over ideas but also make nurturing relationships one of their priorities. They have a knack for uncovering facts and conducting research, and while for some this means working solo, the Advocate likes fostering a sense of community.

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